Keeping your website secure is often overlooked until you suddenly get a security scare. Cybercriminals can give you a headache. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, you should make it a priority to upgrade to the latest versions of themes and plugins at regular intervals.

More importantly, make sure you have an SSL Certificate, which ensures your customers are safe during any online transactions. Having an SSL certificate gives you preferential ranking with the search engines, especially Google. Since July 2018, Google, in a bid to improve website security, will penalise any unsecured HTTP websites. Therefore, all non-HTTPS sites will be marked with a warning in the Omnibox that the website you are browsing is insecure. The Omnibox is the search field at the top of the browser.

Omnibox is where the browser is on google

You can immediately see if a website is secure by the little padlock in your browser. Purchasing an SSL certificate is straightforward, costs anything between £15-£50 and keeps your website connection secure.

Vision Media Design is a secure website and safe to use.

All websites Vision Media UK provide come automatically with your SSL Certificate, Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent.

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