New Website – My Voice Coach

Cindy’s website conveys helpful information to a broader audience.  People visiting the website learn and understand more about public speaking.   More importantly, a point of contact for people to get guidance from and help with the fear they have of public speaking.  A fear, second only to the fear of flying.

Cindy’s voice coaching sessions give you confidence, improve your vocal clarity and stamina in making professional presentations, courage to speak at meetings and one to one interviews.  After her training social situations  become a breeze, especially where you may be invited to speak.

A website has designed to introduce Cindy’s voice coaching to a broader audience and helping people understand more about speaking in public.

I was thrilled when Cindy asked me to create a website for her and develop an internet presence for the great work that she does.

For more information on Cindy’s work, visit her website >

– Julie Oswin



“The design for my website is exceptionally good. Many people have commented about how attractive it looks at first viewing and how easy it is to navigate. Personally, I think it does a very good job of showing, in a clear and concise way, the voice and presentation coaching that I can offer. Thank you so much Julie!”


CATEGORY:  Web Design

CLIENT:  Cindy Oswin

DATE:   2019